Style, The Art of Creating a Beautiful Home

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Hardcover, 240 pages

Style: the art of creating a beautiful home is timeless interiors book that shows you how to design your living spaces using what you own and love. While designing can be a big investment, this episode helps you elevate your space with what you've already got.

This book is not only beautiful but practical, it's ability to show the creative process of styling so that you can create a beautiful home with confidence. Based on more than a decade of industry expereince Natalie helps you connect with your own personal style and enjoy inspiring, welcoming and authentic interiors. 

Styling is both an art and science - and you can learn both.

The beautiful chapters explore identifying your style, design principles, transforming spaces, visual storytelling and more. Natalie Walton steps through significant rooms in the house to provide expert insider insights on how you can create magical styling moments in your home.

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